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Myths and Facts of Hiring Individuals with I/DD:

When hiring managers or human resources personnel have never worked with individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD), there can exist a number of myths and misunderstandings about what to expect.

Myth #1 - Accommodations are expensive.

Fact: According to the Job Accommodation Network, 57% of employers in a recent study reported that the accommodations needed by employees cost absolutely nothing. They go on to report, "Of those accommodations that did have a cost, the typical one-time expenditure by employers was $500." To learn more, please visit http://askjan.org/ and search for "Low Cost."

Myth #2 - People with disabilities get injured more often or will cause safety concerns at work.

Fact: According to at DuPont Study conducted in 1990 ("Equal to the Task II"), 97% of employees with disabilities were rated as average or above average for safety when compared to employees without disabilities.

Myth #3 - People with disabilities will be absent too often.

Fact: According to the same "Equal to the Task II" study, 86% of employees with disabilities were rated as average or above average for their attendance. This means that employers who hire employees with disabilities are statistically likely to find a dependable and reliable employee.


What is an Employment Consultant?

Employers seeking to hire individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have a valuable tool at their disposal: Employment Consultants paid for by the Colorado Division of Rehabilitation Services or Medicaid Waivers. Sometimes referred to as Job Coaches, an Employment Consultant will create or suggest accommodations to help the employee with a disability perform essential duties. The supports offered by an Employment Consultant are faded over time, but can be brought back if job duties or responsibilities change. Ideally, an Employment Consultant will follow an employee through any training provided by the employer, so it's a good idea to address the issue to procuring a employment consultant early on in the hiring process.